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i build a house for your bones;

insert eyeroll here
angel | [ profile] fifteenbodymemo and [ profile] singswithstars | season three | au
the one where darla is given a third chance and dru becomes a mummy. again.

    [ No good deed ever goes quite unpunished. And for Darla, the punishments just seem to keep on giving.

    She wakes, coming to, not quite in the alley she died in. Everything is quite blurry; her memory, the facts, what she's seeing.

    She pushes herself up slightly, finding herself lying flat on her back. Resting against her elbows, she looks around. The last time she awoke, it was from underneath the earth in a greenhouse. She can't quite say that pleased her, but she's thankful for what Drusilla did for her - even though she'll never quite say it.

    The thought that this was merely an illusion - something that perhaps happens when you're dead - flutters across her mind and she waits for it to disperse. Darla's never had quite the run in good luck. If she's dead - and this is ... most definitely not heaven - then she's expecting flames and nothing that feels solidly connected to home.

    She comes plummeting back to earth when she sees Drusilla.

    Oh, dear lord.

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