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we can work this out although it seems impossible;

MISFITS | [personal profile] whosbarry and [personal profile] awkwards | in between 2x06 and 2x07 | the one where there is awkwardness and miscommunication with a side dish of crushing.

Post-community work was boring. Alisha thought she'd embrace her freedom and roll with it, but considering the power she was given, it wasn't a likely option. Her old lifestyle had to be thrown out the window for one that was more careful. Wasn't that what happened with that Rogue girl? Alisha's just waiting for the white streak in her hair to complete the picture.

Curtis told them about the Milk Boy incident, despite none of them having any recollection of those horrific events. She knew about them, mostly the fact that they become famous and apparently it wasn't the life they had always imagined. But that just left things even more awkward.

And that just left her where she was before. Confused. Simon never told her when they finally get their shit together; she figured it was after they get famous, but, considering that entire timeline had been retconned, she doesn't see any end in sight of living with this burden of a secret.

She didn't know what drove her to even approach Simon. She'd been avoiding him somewhat after the gang went to the pub for drinks. She only ever saw him when they planned drinking nights; she spent most of her time trying to reconnect with friends she'd outgrown.

Alisha went by the community centre sometimes, for a glimpse of him - if he ever went back there - and to sometimes wish that they were still wearing those ridiculous orange suits. Despite their freedom, she still felt quite trapped by what Superhoodie had told her. How was she supposed to fulfil this stupid destiny if there were less opportunities to do so?

She wasn't too eager to take it upon herself to instigate it. But she missed him and how easily he thought he could blend into the background when it was the right opposite.

Today, fortunately, was one of those days where she'd find him at the community centre. Outside, she sat on the table where they had shared drinks - and where he'd told her she was beautiful - hoping that he'd pass by.
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Simon spent most of his time working and training. Running and keeping himself busy. He still did things around the community center. Mostly volunteering and playing with children. Kids enjoyed his stories about superheroes and telling them new ones that he would have made up on his own. Batman and Superman were their favorites. It was a break, lunch, for the children. He had an hour of free-time.

He took a few steps outside and looked around. He moved his fingers of his hair. It was to the left that he spotted Alisha. He hesitated when he stepped towards her. It wasn't like they made a point of just meeting up anytime, except on the nights where they would go out drinking.

He stopped for a moment, considering turning around and going back inside. Instead, he approached her. "Alisha," he said.
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"I'm good," Simon said. He moved towards the table and sat down a couple feet away from Alisha. Not that he was concerned about them touching, but he didn't want to get into her space. There was a moment of awkward silence but he wasn't sure how to fill it, so instead, he remained quiet.

After a few minutes. "How are you?" He wanted to ask why she was here. Did she have a new job? Was she returning for community service? But he didn't ask.
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Simon felt incredibly awkward, and there was no way to avoid that he was showing it, as well. He brushed his fingers through his hair, and looked around. It wasn't as though there was a method of escape, right now. And even if there was, he didn't know that he could.

He shifted a little on the bench. "Tonight will be fine. I gotta check in at home, but we can go get drinks." It would be nice, but he wondered if the entire group would be there. Part of him didn't want him there despite that they would ease the tension. It would give him some time to get to know her without them.
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He wondered, really, if they were friends. There was something going on that he hadn't quite noticed. He was uncomfortable with her, but he didn't want to pass on a chance to hang out with Nathan hanging over his shoulder. Finding a reason to terrorize him (or her, for that matter).

He shifted a little, smiling a little bit. He made a conscious effort to not fidget. He didn't want to make her nervous because of his own nerves.

"We can tonight," he insisted. They never really could be friends if he was afraid to have a one on one conversation with her. "Friends do, yeah. I think Nathan follows me sometimes."
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"We can be alone," Simon said quietly. He smiled a little at that thought, but tried to not show that he was actually eager. He shifted a little awkwardly. "Tonight is good," he nodded. It was still weird, and he didn't really understand why she wanted anything to do with him, but she did. He couldn't question it, either. Simon didn't get the attention of many people.
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"Volunteering with kids here. They like to hear about Superman," he said. Not that he thought Alisha honestly cared about whether or not the kids liked Superman. "Sister comes here sometimes with her friends."
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"My sister is twelve years old and no one is shagging her." He knew the things Nathan often said, but Alisha was right to think that everything that came out of his mind was bullshit. "That is the sister. She's my only sister, too. Nathan really is a wanker."
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"I'm nothin' like Superman or something. She knows to kick 'im in the balls and run if she meets him and I'm not around." He couldn't believe that this was a conversation he had to have with his sister, but he knew Nathan lurked around the community center.