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there's no way i'm giving up;

SUPERNATURAL | [personal profile] prebitched and [personal profile] onsilksheets | 3x12 "just in bello" au | dean's busted by the fbi so sam's gotta make bela pay.

[ sam leaves dean in the hotel room, wanting to return to the impala to find his phone. his pockets were empty - and so were dean's - and he couldn't seem to really focus on the situation at hand with it lost. just like dean always had to have the keys to the impala, sam always had to have his phone.

walking down the hallway of the hotel, he finds himself walking past some men dressed up as the fbi. he does a double take, walking backwards slowly as he watches them disappear -

- into the room dean is in. sam hurries down to the impala. when he gets there, he realises he should've went the other way, back to dean. but what use is that if he walks straight into the lion's den when he can help his brother out without being locked up behind bars?

he unlocks the impala, slides in, and keeps the entire beast in the dark. if they don't see him, the better. he finds his phone wedged underneath the passenger seat. he doesn't move for what feels like a lifetime, waiting to see if dean's okay. he knows those men were there for them. despite the type of people who he knew hung out in dumps like this, he knew that this had to be a trap. bela's name was written all over it.

he watches as they escort dean out. he sees his brother giving the car a pointed look. sam wants to hop out and stop them, but he knows that if the fbi don't kick his ass, dean will.

dean's left him a message.
bbitch blea. it's not his best work, but dean's never been one to be technologically smart. sam's the one who can type without looking - and, better yet, in secret. it makes him think that they should be switched; dean should be out here, ready to kick bela's ass, and he should be in there, with his phone.

sam isn't even sure why he has her number. for all he knows, it's a dummy one - or she's deleted the number entirely - but he texts it. he's too angry to even consider calling her.

you did this. you're going to fix it.

[ and off he goes, driving to god knows where. patience has never been a winchester trait. ]

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