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there's no way i'm giving up;

SUPERNATURAL | [personal profile] prebitched and [personal profile] onsilksheets | 3x12 "just in bello" au | dean's busted by the fbi so sam's gotta make bela pay.

[ sam leaves dean in the hotel room, wanting to return to the impala to find his phone. his pockets were empty - and so were dean's - and he couldn't seem to really focus on the situation at hand with it lost. just like dean always had to have the keys to the impala, sam always had to have his phone.

walking down the hallway of the hotel, he finds himself walking past some men dressed up as the fbi. he does a double take, walking backwards slowly as he watches them disappear -

- into the room dean is in. sam hurries down to the impala. when he gets there, he realises he should've went the other way, back to dean. but what use is that if he walks straight into the lion's den when he can help his brother out without being locked up behind bars?

he unlocks the impala, slides in, and keeps the entire beast in the dark. if they don't see him, the better. he finds his phone wedged underneath the passenger seat. he doesn't move for what feels like a lifetime, waiting to see if dean's okay. he knows those men were there for them. despite the type of people who he knew hung out in dumps like this, he knew that this had to be a trap. bela's name was written all over it.

he watches as they escort dean out. he sees his brother giving the car a pointed look. sam wants to hop out and stop them, but he knows that if the fbi don't kick his ass, dean will.

dean's left him a message.
bbitch blea. it's not his best work, but dean's never been one to be technologically smart. sam's the one who can type without looking - and, better yet, in secret. it makes him think that they should be switched; dean should be out here, ready to kick bela's ass, and he should be in there, with his phone.

sam isn't even sure why he has her number. for all he knows, it's a dummy one - or she's deleted the number entirely - but he texts it. he's too angry to even consider calling her.

you did this. you're going to fix it.

[ and off he goes, driving to god knows where. patience has never been a winchester trait. ]
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[setting the FBI after the Winchesters had been a stroke of genius on Bela's part. (she liked to think so anyway). It would give her just enough time to deliver the colt and get herself out of her deal. Finally. Bela was smart enough to make sure that no one could touch her and she had established a few fake identities and had properties around the world that she could lay low in. That would have to wait until she had held up her end of the bargain.

She was driving along the highway when her phone beeped, indicating that she had received a message. Pulling over, Bela picked up her phone to read it, a smirk forming on her lips when she sees who it is from. She had planned to delete his number at some point but due to other business, Bela hadn't got around to it yet.

Now she had to decide whether or not she wanted to reply to it and in what manner. Getting one up on people was one of Bela's favourite pastimes and the Winchesters were no exception. Although she did enjoy it more when it came to them.

Did what exactly?

[She typed the words and then hit send, keen to see his reply. Your move, Sam.]
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Oh, now that would be telling. Much more fun to to leave some mystery in.

[she's loving this and if bela used emotes in her text messages, there would be a smirking face. she was above all that sort of thing. bela isn't going to play ball and let sam know where she was; she couldn't risk the colt being taken from her after all the hard work she had put into retrieving it in the first place.

despite her urgency, she felt that toying with him could provide a little bit of amusement for her. it was sam who came up with the idea to save her after she had seen the ghost ship and well, bela hadn't spoken with him as much as she had dean.

Admittedly, she was curious about the younger Winchester.
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typo ;;

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Which makes us very different.

[After hitting send, Bela waits for his reply and drums her fingers against the steering wheel, caught up in other thoughts for the moment until she receives another text from him.

a part of her is telling her that she's wasting her time with him and that she should just move on and go to where she has to be. Bela doesn't listen to that part, carrying on with what she wants to do right now.

People say a lot of things. I don't always listen to them. You're not getting anything from me, Sam, so I suggest that you stop texting me.
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There you go, acting like you know me. You haven't a damn clue. Trying to get a rise out of me won't do you any favours so perhaps you should think before you text, yeah?

[She furiously presses send on her phone, glad that she is texting him instead of talking to Sam directly. If he heard her voice, he would know that she was a bit frustrated, perhaps even a little angry.]
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pffft! Sam, you know you wanna ride this hard ass~

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A few text messages wouldn't cover it.

[they don't know the truth and neither does anyone else. why she made her deal, why she spent most of her life doing things for her selfish gain without any regards for anyone else. but she couldn't tell them, she couldn't tell anyone-it was difficult to talk about and it rubbed salt into very old wounds. they couldn't possibly understand her reasoning.

truthfully, sam was the more tolerable of the two and much more reasonable. bela had seen that on the few occasions she had spoken to him. although he was probably still angry about the time she shot him.
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we'll see what happens, won't we? ;)

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[it takes her sometime to reply to his message, deciding if it would be wise to meet up with him.]

Okay. I'll play along for a little while. Any funny business and I'm gone, yeah? Just to make that clear.

[she didn't take threats so well after all. if sam attempted anything, then their little civil meeting would be over.]
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oooh yes *waggles eyebrows*

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I'll be on my best behaviour, there's no need to worry.

There's a diner about twenty miles from where we both are. Somewhere public would be better.

[She doesn't really like diners. But it's all in the name of business and trying to come to some sort of agreement with him.]
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[so Bela got there late on purpose just to tick off sam a little bit more. it was fun to mess with him after all. well, fun for her of course.

she saunters into the diner as if she owns the place: head held high and dressed to impress-she was here to do business after all. Bela left her gun in her car like he said to do because despite being who she was, she did keep her word sometimes. waving a gun around in a public space wouldn't be wise either.

after spotting sam near a window table, bela strides over to him and sits in the seat across from him, holding up her hands to show sam that she was unarmed. not that she would let him pat her down...well, if the mood was right and they were in a different situation.

Hello, Sam.

[it's said pleasantly enough but it also conveys that she means business.]
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[my Sam, what a big nostril flare you have.he was cute admittedly, and bela even said that out loud once, even if it was followed by a jibe afterwards...she was a complicated lady.

she hadn't really talked to him on his own a lot, just dean. it would be interesting to see if sam's behaviour would be different when his elder brother wasn't around.

I always keep my appointments, Sam. I'd be a bad businesswoman if I didn't.

[a waitress comes over and bela waves her off, not wanting to try what they had on offer. it was a diner for god's sake. not a nice restaurant which was she was used to.]

Let's talk business then, shall we?
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[and how could you not really.

even when they're both sitting down like this, bela remembers quite easily just how tall sam winchester is. even when he is leaning just a little.

the reason why bela never got close to anyone or let them in was because it would save her the trouble of bailing them out of sticky situations. she had herself and that was all she needed to get along in life.

I get to keep the Colt and none of you come after me ever again.
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[there was always the possibility that Sam would refuse her offer because she knew that the colt was important. but having it in her possession was far more important to bela. it was the only way that she was going to get out of her deal and save her soul from hell.

she catches that look on his face and has to hide a smile; they were here on business after all and she had to maintain professionalism.
] Good.

[Yes, she definitely looks pleased at that reply.]

I can help to get Dean out of jail and keep the police off your tail. Record wiped clean.

Note this though, none of your hunter friends can't come after me either. I know you have connections.
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Oh, I'm sure not all the hunters you know are pissed off at you.

[except Gordon. who was dead now. bela had heard the stories about sam and how he was going to bring about the end of the world; she thought it was a pile of crap. not that she expected sam to tell her anything about that in the first place.]

And for the record, the only hunter I've pissed off is Gordon. He's not my problem anymore as you're well aware.
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Fine, I suppose having complete immunity was a bit of a stretch. You and your brother are much more concerning than any of those other hunters.

[She's more than aware that she has pissed Dean off but Bela didn't want to point that out or draw a lot of attention to it.]

Your terms are agreeable, Sam. I'll get Dean out of jail and you let me have the Colt. But it's late, so we're not going to get much done now.
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If you're really worried about me running off without helping Dean, maybe you should come along with me at the station.

[she was willing to play fair after all.]

I'd recommend remaining close to me tonight, but I'm worried about tarnishing my reputation.

[It's a little dig at him.]
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I'll have to get a hotel room somewhere. I'm not sleeping in my car.

[as lovely as her car was, it wouldn't be the most comfortable thing to sleep in.]

Though the chances of finding a half-decent one around here are slim to none.
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[she just gives him a look.]

No, I'm not. Despite the inconvenience of sleeping in a crappy hotel room, I don't wish to drive too far. Around here will have to do.
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As long as it's better than that place you were squatting in a while ago.
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Unfortunately not.

[their choices in places to stay was horrendous and bela was appalled that they would even consider it. at least she had class.]

Of course. I have to keep on eye on those who I have an interest in.