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don't try to run;

SUPERNATURAL / THE VAMPIRE DIARIES | [personal profile] revivre and [personal profile] onsilksheets | SPN: 3x03 "bad day at black rock" au & TVD: pre-1x09 "history repeating" | alaric has a mystical object bela is in dire need of. bela enlists alaric's help (or he's the gentleman he is and offers). fun fact is, he doesn't know he has it.

[ alaric can be found in new york, specifically a little diner somewhere near central park. isobel's research has brought him here, though he imagines it's only a detour. he knows the real gold is in mystic falls, where she grew up. but he doesn't mind stopping off at new york along the way. it's one of the places he wishes he could've taken her to. he knows she'd enjoy the shopping.

he needs a distraction, and he's found it.

he's sitting at a table with bits of paper out in front of him. it's all in isobel's handwriting. he's read it over and over again; every time he re-reads it, he gains something else from it. but it still gets him nowhere closer to the vampire who killed her or the reason why. he doesn't understand why she was a target at all and he's determined to find out. if he has to turn into rupert giles and hit the books to become buffy summers, then so be it. he's not going to allow isobel to die in vain.

alaric's so invested in what he's reading that he becomes passive to everything around him. usually one who is so alert and the observer, he's allowed everyone to become a background character. he's adopting traits isobel had when she was working.

and if someone so happened to come walking up to him, it'd take him a few minutes to notice them.
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[after the rabbit's foot incident with the Winchesters, Bela headed back to New York for a breather. She didn't have any jobs on the go and for the most part, she felt safe in that apartment; although she would have to get a better security system after Dean had managed to bypass it and break into her home.

the day after she arrived back in new york, Bela received a phone call from a client who wanted to hire her to find a mystical object-a powerful one at that. she waited until they made an offer before she decided to take the job. the money was very good and it could easily pay for an extended holiday somewhere. exotic, of course.

research into the object had to be conducted first so Bela didn't waste any time in doing so, quickly discovering the potential owner. after getting into contact with her informants, she kept tabs on this person and tracked his every movements, everywhere he went. she got her breakthrough when she was told that he was in a diner in New York. Bela felt quite lucky. but she wasn't going to go into the situation blind: a disguise was needed before she ventured further.

Bela has gone for the whole 'sorority girl' look, wearing something quite preppy and sporting one of the many insignias that displayed the house she belonged to. walking into the diner, she looks around for her target and heads towards his table, acting like she was crossing to the counter instead.

all it took was a pretend misstep and she bangs into his table.

Oh my gosh, I am so sorry! [she's speaking in an american accent, looking embarrassed.] I'm such a klutz.
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I'm fine, yeah. Totally. [she waves it off, flashing him a smile. the fact that he's attractive too hasn't gone unnoticed by Bela, but she had to remain focused on the task at hand.]

Troublesome? [Bela finishes, still with that smile. the point was to put him at ease, make him feel comfortable so she could swoop in when his guard was down and get what she wanted.]

I'm Alison by the way. Alison Carter. [she held out a hand to him.]
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It's really nice meeting you too, Alaric. [she replies, quickly glancing down at the table to see what he was working on. bela didn't recognise much but it seemed important, if a bit disorganised.]

No, I'm not. You don't mind if I join you?

[little did he know that she was wanting to meet up with him. or, at least she hoped he didn't know. he could be pretending, lulling her into a false sense of security. she had to be careful.]
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[after he tidies up his papers and gestures, bela slides into the seat, crossing one leg over the other. an elbow rests on the table and she leans forward, keeping her eyes on him.]

Good one. [she laughs lightly, even if secretly she didn't think it wasn't funny at all.] It's okay, really. I'm doing my PHD and trust me when I tell you there's a lot of mess on my study desk.
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[she can be funny if the situation calls for it. although her humour is more dry and biting more than warm and goofy. and yes, she does think he looks good but bela can't allow herself to get distracted by his attractiveness while she's on a job]

I do, yeah. Columbia University. History and Literature. [she smiles.] Judging by your paperwork here, I'd say you're an academic yourself?
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[of course, bela knew that he taught history, having done her research on him. which was why she chose to tell him the lie that she studied that subject, to endear him to her.]

Oh, did something happen to her? [bela asks softly, her expression growing sympathetic.]

It is a good course, yeah. I'm biased too though. [there's a slight laugh from her.] I might teach one day, I'm not sure.
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I'm so sorry to hear that. [she had read up on the case prior to meeting him. it was an interesting one to say the least.]

And you haven't any leads whatsoever?
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Sometimes I think the police don't try hard enough or go after promising leads.

[she's trying to be sympathetic towards him so that he could feel like he could trust her.]

But I don't think you should lose hope entirely. You want to find out what happened so you keep trying. That's admirable.
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Yeah, but I have an interest in other things as well.

[And Bela could see the obvious pain and stress that he was going through over this. She could read him like a book but to others, he probably hid it very well.]

I have on a few occasions. Visited a couple of cities around the country but never been abroad. I'd love to go to Europe one day.
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Always good to broaden your horizons I think. [stealing for a living being one of them. bela was really good at it too.] You have to experience different things and have a little variety. Otherwise, your life would be incredibly dull.