09 August 2012 @ 05:54 pm
[ kol's licking his wounds. sitting in a corner of a room off one of the main halls, kol's been banned from crossing the threshold until he's calmed down and stopped behaving like a child. the thing is, kol will always be a child - and not only because he finds it fun. he acts out to grab the attention of his brothers - and rebekah, when she's not busy fawning over niklaus and his "always and forever" bullshit (because, seriously, his brother will only hurt her in the end as he's always in it for himself) - and his mother. he can't with his father anymore; his agenda to kill them all kind of severed his ties of respect to the one father figure he always had.

elijah comes close - and, well, kol's pretty sure he and elijah are on rockier terms now. he's gone a bit weird when it comes to this doppelganger. she looks familiar to kol; he knows who she is, deep down, but he likes to pretend that elena gilbert and tatia petrova are two shadows of a past that's deep in the background of their lives. he just wishes for another lady to be the centre of everyone's world ... like madonna.

he's sulking in a chair, bent over like the hunchback from one of those animated movies he secretly loves so much, with a glass of whiskey or something sweet in his hand. he honestly doesn't care what the alcohol is; it does nothing to get rid of damon's face and the things he wishes to use against it to break it.

he's refusing to speak. or he's not speaking to anyone. he's too busy thinking or mumbling very quickly about the things he's going to do to damon salvatore and that doppelganger of his. rather passionately, and a little loudly, he smirks to the ground:
] - with a machete.
      Staying in the morgue was a very bad idea. Elena's started to realise that her being stubborn when it came to being relocated, even to the security the Boarding House gave her, was one of the many stupid decisions she had made in her very short - and possibly now eternal - life. Sitting on the floor by one of the tables with her head in her hands didn't muffle how strong the scent of anything was. No matter how hard she pushed the flesh of her palm against her nose, she could still smell everything; Damon, blood, death. She could smell the lake that claimed her entire life, from her parents, to who she used to be, to who she wanted to be, soaked into the very fibre of her damp clothes.

      Elena was usually accepting of the events that occurred in her life, from the Salvatore's returning to Mystic Falls to learning about her ancestry, but the idea that she was dead was something she denied herself to even think about. She just wanted to be herself again, without the amplified senses she knew came with the territory of being a new vampire.

      With a deep breath in, she pulled her hands away from her face and ran them through her hair, mussing it. "I have to go see Matt. I need to know that he got out of the car okay." She couldn't bear the thought of losing another person so very important to her, especially when she could've somehow prevented them going off of the bridge. Seeing Matt, knowing he was alive, allowed her to, somehow, believe that everything was okay when it was far from even being in the vicinity of the word.
18 February 2012 @ 09:41 pm
THE VAMPIRE DIARIES | [personal profile] copied and [personal profile] secretshame | TVD: pre-series. | where jenna becomes responsible and elena takes ten steps backward only to move five paces forward.

The last thing Elena hears is laughter. She had been laughing in the car with Mom and Dad, sitting in the back seat as they approached the bridge. And then -

What comes next is a blur. Elena's entire memory is groggy; she feels sluggish and slow, like a broken doll that's been put together with superglue but still is missing little vital pieces. When she comes to, it takes seven seconds for her mind to flicker into action, properly identifying the room as a hospital room. The itchy sheets that feel too thin to be her own between her fingers are those that dress the beds in the hospital she hasn't seen since she broke her arm at the age of fourteen. And, even then, she never saw these sheets; it was when Jeremy had severely injured himself that she was introduced to them.

Elena's hand goes immediately to her head. An IV is lodged into her vein. She moves awkwardly, tilting her head around to grab a sight of something identifiable. Where's the car? Where are her parents? She keeps looking for them, but she can't see their familiar figures standing at her bedside. Her mother's warm touch, her hand grasping her own, is missing. Elena feels ice settle in her chest.

The attempts to lift her head so she's not lying flat leads to her vision being blurred and a spinning in her sight. Everything is better if she stays horizontal. Her attempts only saw her head lift slightly from the very thin pillow; she doesn't feel strong at all. It's as if someone's drained her of all of her energy. She doesn't even know if anyone else is in the room, but she needs to be able to find her voice. If she can't, then this is all a dream she's experiencing while sitting in the backseat of her parents' car.

Her voice is croaky and soft when she says, "Why am I in the hospital?"
12 February 2012 @ 05:14 pm
THE VAMPIRE DIARIES | [personal profile] disparage and [personal profile] martyrs | a spin on a first sample. set between s2 and s3.

[ so, waking up in an abandoned town can only mean one thing. they were reliving the life of neve campbell. which caroline didn't mind at all, but after the third movie of scream, she's starting to take this as an insult. all she wanted was a nice, quiet day filled of fun with elena, and, of course, by mystic falls law, it just had to turn sour. she'd be pissed if she wasn't so scared. she wonders why it couldn't be some ridiculous romantic comedy with horrible acting but gorgeous actors? that, she wouldn't mind at all!

as much as caroline fancies skeet ulrich back in his hey days, she's kind of over her life mirroring those of teen horror films. and she's pretty sure elena is, as well. with that in mind, her grip on elena's arm tightens a little as she eyes the dark buildings that hold no indication of activity inside of them. her phone is missing, and she can only assume elena's is, as well, who she was lucky enoug to be trapped with here.

Would it be redundant if I said this was creeping me out? Because that's what it's doing. And we've had super creeped out.

[ after the two years they've had, caroline's starting to think normal is creepy. she keeps a look out, eyeing the environment around them. she's just waiting for some ugly monster to show it's face and try and eat them. ]
16 January 2012 @ 10:13 pm
SUPERNATURAL / THE VAMPIRE DIARIES | [personal profile] revivre and [personal profile] onsilksheets | SPN: 3x03 "bad day at black rock" au & TVD: pre-1x09 "history repeating" | alaric has a mystical object bela is in dire need of. bela enlists alaric's help (or he's the gentleman he is and offers). fun fact is, he doesn't know he has it.

[ alaric can be found in new york, specifically a little diner somewhere near central park. isobel's research has brought him here, though he imagines it's only a detour. he knows the real gold is in mystic falls, where she grew up. but he doesn't mind stopping off at new york along the way. it's one of the places he wishes he could've taken her to. he knows she'd enjoy the shopping.

he needs a distraction, and he's found it.

he's sitting at a table with bits of paper out in front of him. it's all in isobel's handwriting. he's read it over and over again; every time he re-reads it, he gains something else from it. but it still gets him nowhere closer to the vampire who killed her or the reason why. he doesn't understand why she was a target at all and he's determined to find out. if he has to turn into rupert giles and hit the books to become buffy summers, then so be it. he's not going to allow isobel to die in vain.

alaric's so invested in what he's reading that he becomes passive to everything around him. usually one who is so alert and the observer, he's allowed everyone to become a background character. he's adopting traits isobel had when she was working.

and if someone so happened to come walking up to him, it'd take him a few minutes to notice them.