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( closed ) and life is like a pipe;

[ kol's licking his wounds. sitting in a corner of a room off one of the main halls, kol's been banned from crossing the threshold until he's calmed down and stopped behaving like a child. the thing is, kol will always be a child - and not only because he finds it fun. he acts out to grab the attention of his brothers - and rebekah, when she's not busy fawning over niklaus and his "always and forever" bullshit (because, seriously, his brother will only hurt her in the end as he's always in it for himself) - and his mother. he can't with his father anymore; his agenda to kill them all kind of severed his ties of respect to the one father figure he always had.

elijah comes close - and, well, kol's pretty sure he and elijah are on rockier terms now. he's gone a bit weird when it comes to this doppelganger. she looks familiar to kol; he knows who she is, deep down, but he likes to pretend that elena gilbert and tatia petrova are two shadows of a past that's deep in the background of their lives. he just wishes for another lady to be the centre of everyone's world ... like madonna.

he's sulking in a chair, bent over like the hunchback from one of those animated movies he secretly loves so much, with a glass of whiskey or something sweet in his hand. he honestly doesn't care what the alcohol is; it does nothing to get rid of damon's face and the things he wishes to use against it to break it.

he's refusing to speak. or he's not speaking to anyone. he's too busy thinking or mumbling very quickly about the things he's going to do to damon salvatore and that doppelganger of his. rather passionately, and a little loudly, he smirks to the ground:
] - with a machete.
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[ to say elijah is irritated would be an understatement, but he keeps the feeling contained, coiled deep in his chest so his mannerisms have changed very little. however, there are tells as there always are - the way he clenches his jaw after a clipped word, and the way his posture has become so stiff he looks as if he might snap in half if he attempts to bend are but a few of them.

but then, with a night like the one they all just had the immense pleasure of experiencing, he doubts he's fooling any of his family members. though he's calmed down significantly since he first told their mother he would deal with both kol and rebekah, it isn't saying much. as usual, kol is first on his list, but he does give him a handful of minutes to get himself situated. it's something.

elijah doesn't give kol his space for long, though, and soon finds him in the room he's chosen to pout in. he has a few choice words for his little brother, but he keeps his expression carefully neutral as he knocks on the door frame before actually entering the room without seeking permission.

...just in time to hear the tail end about the "machete". and oh, he is far from amused. when he speaks, it's with a rigid tone and a level gaze.
] I think enough damage has been done for the evening, don't you?
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[ the fact that kol drains his entire glass when he enters is enough of an acknowledgement for elijah. he closes the door behind him and waits for the unnecessary click of the latch before he moves further into the room.

if anything, elijah knows the intricate workings of their family, he knows what kol is feeling now is some semblance of damaged pride. but it doesn't take knowing him to be aware of that. it's written all over kol's body language - neon lights have never been so obvious.

he studies his brother before he moves to sit in a chair near him, fingers trailing along the top of a table along the way. once he does sit, he crosses his legs and clasps his hands together after his elbows have found the delicately crafted arms of the chair.

They've been treated to enough excitement. [ he humors kol in his choice of words, though he doesn't agree with him. the sharp look might tell him as much. and then he moves on, voice firm: ] You and Rebekah picked quite a night to stir things up. Why is that, Kol?

[ no "would you care to explain" or pleasantries. he's here to hear kol out, but his irritation bleeds into it a bit. it doesn't help that their mother is less than happy. ]