19 February 2012 @ 10:55 am
SMALLVILLE | [personal profile] typoing and [personal profile] justice_4all | where lois tries to surprise oliver only to almost burn his apartment down. (somewhere in season six.)

[ he honestly shouldn't have left her alone in his apartment. she's sure clark tells him all the horrible things she does to hurt his sensitive flannel-covered feelings every time they hang out to do god know what. play xbox? watch sports? lois has never seen either of them do anything like that.

so, oliver was out doing billionaire things while she was left alone to cause havoc in his apartment. lois never does well when left alone in a place that isn't her own. they were going to spend a quiet night in, doing the coupley things they never get a chance to do, and, as true to every other night lois popped over, oliver had to bail temporarily.

in order to keep her sticky fingers from rifling through his things, she decided to surprise him with that dinner they never quite make it to.

and, of course, it turns disastrous. there's so much smoke that even the open doors leading to the balcony aren't wide enough to let the smoke out quickly. the smell still lingers after she sprays so much air freshner and perfume around the place. the meal, a nice spaghetti martha tried teaching her countless times (while lois was standing very far away) is burnt to a crisp.

she really, really hopes oliver's got his cellphone on him. the one thing in her usually over-packed handbag is missing. besides, if he's on his way home, she needs to pretend her cooking failure never happened. and that requires way more time than she'll be given to get rid of the evidence and to push the smell out.

Please please please buy brown eye liner on your way home in the morning... I'm missing an eyebrow