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THE VAMPIRE DIARIES | [personal profile] disparage and [personal profile] martyrs | a spin on a first sample. set between s2 and s3.

[ so, waking up in an abandoned town can only mean one thing. they were reliving the life of neve campbell. which caroline didn't mind at all, but after the third movie of scream, she's starting to take this as an insult. all she wanted was a nice, quiet day filled of fun with elena, and, of course, by mystic falls law, it just had to turn sour. she'd be pissed if she wasn't so scared. she wonders why it couldn't be some ridiculous romantic comedy with horrible acting but gorgeous actors? that, she wouldn't mind at all!

as much as caroline fancies skeet ulrich back in his hey days, she's kind of over her life mirroring those of teen horror films. and she's pretty sure elena is, as well. with that in mind, her grip on elena's arm tightens a little as she eyes the dark buildings that hold no indication of activity inside of them. her phone is missing, and she can only assume elena's is, as well, who she was lucky enoug to be trapped with here.

Would it be redundant if I said this was creeping me out? Because that's what it's doing. And we've had super creeped out.

[ after the two years they've had, caroline's starting to think normal is creepy. she keeps a look out, eyeing the environment around them. she's just waiting for some ugly monster to show it's face and try and eat them. ]
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It might be redundant, but it's completely true. I don't like this. Where are we? [Also very stereotypical to say in a situation like this, but she couldn't stop herself from voicing her disapproval. They can't just not be in Mystic Falls, not right in the middle of everything that's going on. Not without a phone, or a car, or really anything at all to help them out.

It doesn't help that wherever they've ended up is cold and dark and seemingly abandoned. The whole situation screams 'trap', but she can't figure out who would do something like this, or why. They couldn't have both been kidnapped without them knowing it. It made no sense. Her free hand reaches up to clutch at her necklace, making sure the vervain locket was still intact. No, nobody could have messed with her memory.

We really need to find a phone. Or at least talk to someone that's from here, figure out where we've ended up. [All she can think about is how all of their friends, their family, are likely freaking out right now. It's enough to send Elena into a bit of a panic.]
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Good plan. [Her eyes go wide at the 'being served for dinner' aspect of this, and is it weird her mind didn't automatically go to vampires, but something worse? Though really, what's worse than being kidnapped and eaten by vampires? Oh right, being kidnapped by Klaus, or someone that's trying to get her to Klaus. On the plus side, at least that meant they wouldn't likely be eaten by anyone. She wasn't any use to anyone dead.

Wow, what a backwards way of trying to reassure herself. She's just going to... not voice it.

Instead, she'll try and keep the mood light. Ish. Talking instead of just letting the silence get to her.

So. Okay. We know not to run up any stairs, right? And we know not to shout things like 'hello? is anyone there?' or 'this isn't very funny!', because that's just asking to be snuck up on. And... What don't they do in horror movies? They never stick together, and we're doing that no matter what. We won't split up, and we won't take a random tour through any seemingly abandoned houses. [She pauses for a minute, then sighs.] Though if I don't find a pay phone in the next two seconds, I'm going to start looking for a weapon instead.